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Welcome to the Open Source Bible Translation Community Homepage. My goal for this site is twofold.

  • To increase biblical scholarship in a collaborative setting
  • To produce an excellent bible translation using open collaboration

For more details about the benefits of such an endeavor see the OSBT Purpose.

Follow the links to a the project you'd like to contribute to

**Old Testament**

**New Testament**

FONTS - Because wikispaces does not allow for the use of different fonts, you will not be able to import greek and hebrew text directly from your notes. If you wish to display Greek or Hebrew text in the comments section of your work please follow the link to Biola University's "The Unbound Bible ". The text is in Unicode and WILL SHOW UP! I would suggest using UBS4 for the New Testament and BHS for the Old Testament.

I might also recommend Crosswires "Bible Tool " which is quite user friendly.

I invite you to review recent changes to the page. Changes can be tracked here - -


At the moment this site is a prototype. I am not sure if this will be its permanent home. There are many things to consider. Feel free to contribute to the project however you are able. The work done here will be incorporated into the final project.

The site is not very pretty right now because I don't know very much about HTML or XML. This will improve time goes on. If you would like to assist in this aspect let me know.

- Grace and Peace, Mike Schellman

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